We are what we repeatedly do.

"Less vividly is the mind stirred by what finds entrance through the ears than by what is brought before the trusty eyes, and what the spectator can see for himself." Denver, 23.

So happy to be home :)
Leavin on a jet plane! #dontknowwhenillbebackagain #jkyeaido

In working in what is mainly considered customer service I’ve learned to brush over rude people and to not take things that people say too personally but fuck. Sometimes it just feels so. personal. 

I can’t wait to find a new job after my time here. To get yelled at and pestered is not what I want to do with my life. 

“Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.”


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I can only hope that I am that someone in another’s life because I have a lot of those someones in my life and it’s fantastic. 

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Phantogram’s show last night is now in my top 2 best shows I’ve ever experienced. Blew. My. Mind. 

It was one of those ethereal, transcendent experiences. Words can’t even describe! 

As soon as the show began I was instantly thinking of how I need to tell everyone I know to see them perform. 

Just wow. 

Beautiful. #vail
View from our condo! #vail
Told ya! #100happydays #prostbrewery

Fellow followers that don’t even care at all, 

Prepare for a plethora of instagram photos to be posted, commencing this evening and throughout the weekend as I will be celebrating that this awful week has finally come to an end by drinking, concerting in Vail, and boarding in Breck. Clear your appetites for ill-thought out filters, pictures of people you don’t know, and the millionth mountain photo I’ve posted thus far. 

All because Idontgiveafuck. 

C’est la vie. 


Daniele Buetti - Is My Soul Losing Control? (2006)

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the Beatles


the Beatles

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#100happydays Busy busy weekends ahead!